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Because the LDHs we are using are entirely synthetic
              (unlike some clays that have been previously used in
              barrier applications), we can tailor them to be entirely
              non-toxic, free of any heavy metal traces. Consequently,
              non-toxic LDHs have been FDA approved as a safe food
              contact material.

              Our experiments have shown the LDH-based barrier
              coatings to result in extremely low OTR (oxygen
              transmission rate) and WVTR (water vapour transmission
              rate) values, and their suitability has been further
              confirmed by theoretical calculations. We have quantified
              this improvement of barrier properties by introducing a
              barrier improvement factor (BIF), and determined that
              compared to commercial metallised films, our non-toxic
              LDH nanosheet-based coatings give a BIF that is 40 times
              Our sponsors, SCG Chemicals Co. Ltd., are in the
              process of up-scaling this technology to make trial
              packaging for a wide range of food. So whether
              it’s crisps, candy, or a microwave meal, you’ll soon
              be choosing which snacks you want to accompany
              your Netflix through our transparent, recyclable,
              low-energy packaging.

                   Read the full paper: Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-10362-2

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