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              From the      ead

              of Department

                                  Periodic magazine,          Our current undergraduates are happily settled into the new
                                  now in its seventh          teaching labs, which have now been up and running for a full
                                                              year.  The independent Complete University Guide placed
                                  edition, has become         Oxford Chemistry first in its rankings for 2019 and I congratulate
                                                              all my colleagues who have contributed to this success.
                                  a fixture in the
                                  Oxford Chemistry            One group of colleagues who are rarely in the spotlight are
                                                              those whose technical skills and expertise support and facilitate
                                  calendar.                   our research and teaching.  We highlight some of their work
                                                              in this issue as the Department participates in the Technician
                                  I hope you will enjoy       Commitment, a Science Council-led initiative which aims
                                  reading the following       to ensure that the contributions made by technical staff are
                                  pages, which bring news     fully recognised.  We have an outstanding team at Oxford
              of some outstanding achievements and exciting new   Chemistry,without whom much of our work would not be
              developments.    I was delighted that several of my   possible.
              colleagues won prestigious RSC prizes and awards
              this year, and to see Professor Veronique Gouverneur   We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to those whose vision
              elected Fellow of the Royal Society in recognition of her   and generosity support our work.   I am delighted to announce
              pioneering work in fluorine chemistry.  I am also pleased   that the Department has received a gift to endow the Dr Lee’s
              to welcome Professor Volker Deringer, who joins us in   Professorship of Chemistry, the post held by Professor Dame
              Michaelmas Term as Associate Professor of Theoretical   Carol Robinson, who is also the current President of the Royal
              and Computational Inorganic Chemistry.          Society of Chemistry.  The donor has also chosen to remember
                                                              the Department with a major bequest in her will to support the
              As we celebrate the International Year of the Periodic   endowment of academic positions.  I am enormously grateful
              Table, we are delighted to establish a new multi-  for the donor’s generosity and her commitment to Oxford
              disciplinary doctoral training programme in inorganic   Chemistry, which will be transformational for the Department in
              chemical synthesis that will offer cutting-edge research   the future.
              projects across the entire breadth of the periodic
              table.  The Oxford Inorganic Chemistry for Future   This year has also brought some sad news as we mourn the
              Manufacturing Centre for Doctoral Training (OxICFM   passing of two former colleagues.  Dr Francis Rossotti, a
              CDT) is a new EPSRC-funded centre which will train a   University Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry and a Fellow and
              new generation of graduate chemists and equip them to   Tutor at St Edmund Hall from 1961 to 1994, passed away in July
              help solve some of the pressing challenges of our age.    at the age of 92.  He is survived by his wife Hazel, who was also
                                                              a Tutor and Fellow in Chemistry at St Anne’s.
              Graduate research at Oxford Chemistry began over 100
              years ago, with the first DPhils completed during 1919-  Professor Sir Rex Richards, who died peacefully at home in
              20.  As we celebrate a century of graduate research we   July at the age of 96, was Dr Lee’s Professor of Chemistry from
              can look back with pride at the significant contributions   1964 to 1969 and went on to become Vice-Chancellor of the
              our research students have made to both chemistry and   University.  One of the leading chemists of his generation,
              the wider world, and look forward with excitement to   Sir Rex pioneered the early use of NMR and its application
              enabling innovative student-led research for the future.    to the determination of unknown molecular structures. His
              Earlier this year, I travelled across the United States and   contributions stimulated research across a huge range of
              had the pleasure of meeting with many former students   scientific disciplines and were recognised with numerous
              now based there – we are always delighted to see and   awards and distinctions.  The Rex Richards Building in the
              hear from all our alumni.                       University Science Area is named in his honour.

        On the Cover : Research in the McCullagh Group used mass spectrometry imaging to
        map the distribution of lipids and other metabolites in human cerebellum tissues. A laser
        forms ions on the surface of the tissue from which a mass spectrum is created at discrete
        positions (100µM resolution on front cover images). Statistical methods, such as probabilistic
        latent semantic analysis (pLSA) are then used to pick out molecules associated with specific
        tissue morphologies. ‘MALDI imaging’ performed by Jaynisha Mistry (Part II) and Elisabete
        Pires (Research Associate).

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