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Martine Abboud (Schofield                       quantum state in a beam, removing all other species and thus

              group) and Jutta Toscano                        providing a high level of control over the reaction conditions.
                                                              Jutta arrived in Oxford in 2014, drawn by the opportunity to
              (Heazlewood group)                              answer fundamental questions through manipulating particles

                                                              with electromagnetic fields and studying reactions at very low
                                                              temperatures. During difficult days in the laboratory, Jutta has
                            Congratulations to Drs. Martine   challenged herself to think of something other than research
                            Abboud and Jutta Toscano for being   that she would be motivated to do all day, every day. However,
                            named to the 2019 Forbes Europe   she has yet to find anything else that replaces the curiosity of
                            ‘30 Under 30’ list in the Science   making new discoveries and the challenge of testing new ideas.
                            & Healthcare category! Receiving   Throughout her academic career, Jutta has enjoyed working in
                            thousands of nominations each year,   different countries and learning about various cultures. Her past
                            the list recognises the “best and boldest   projects have brought her to France and Sweden, and now she
                            young leaders, creators and thinkers”.   is a Lindemann postdoctoral fellow in Professor Jun Ye’s group at
                           Both researchers completed their DPhils   the University of Colorado Boulder, in the United States. In the
                           in the Chemistry Department at the   future, Jutta plans to continue learning more about the universe
                           University of Oxford, and are currently   around us, and perhaps one day start her own group to further
                           continuing their scientific journeys as   investigate gas-phase reaction dynamics.
                           research fellows.

          Dr. Martine Abboud and Dr.   Martine Abboud
          Jutta Toscano
              Martine Abboud’s research in chemical biology spans
              antibiotic resistance, oxygen sensing in the human body
              and metabolic enzymes in cancer progression. As a
              young child in Lebanon, she marvelled at Hollywood
              depictions of Oxford as a renowned, illustrious
              institution, and dreamed of attending someday. When it
              came time to actually apply, Martine was hesitant but her
              mother encouraged her to go for it - she is glad she did.
              Martine arrived in Oxford in 2013 to start her DPhil
              in Professor Chris Schofield’s group, where she is
              now a junior research fellow. Research can be full of
              uncertainty, but Martine finds satisfaction in knowing that
              one day, even if not in the near future, the knowledge
              gained will have an impact. Day to day in the laboratory,
              she celebrates the small tasks and enjoys the small
              successes. For motivation and inspiration, Martine
              also looks to the international, diverse environment   A diagram of how Dr. Toscano’s magnetic guide works, showing the trajectories of
                                                               particles with different velocities.
              and extensive network of experienced scientists in the
              Chemistry Department and around Oxford.
              Reflecting on her experience at Oxford, Martine
              describes it as an enlightening one of self-discovery as
              both a researcher and a person. She hopes to channel
              her curiosity into leading her own group in the future,
              and to bring scientific understanding into real-life
              applications by combining it with innovation and

              Jutta Toscano

              During her DPhil in Dr. Brianna Heazlewood’s group,
              Jutta Toscano developed new techniques to investigate
              the dynamics of chemical reactions with gas-phase   A photograph of Dr. Toscano’s guide for selecting radicals with different specific
              collision experiments conducted at temperatures nearing
              absolute zero. She invented and built a magnetic guide
              that selects only radicals with a specific velocity and

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