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N       ews and achievements

                                                                               A selection of recent highlights.
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                     Professor Veronique Gouverneur has       The SCG-Oxford Centre of Excellence in
                     been elected Fellow of the Royal Society for   Chemistry and five Oxford chemists were
                     her pioneering work in fluorine chemistry for   among the winners of the RSC’s 2019 prizes and awards,
                     applications in medicine.                which celebrate outstanding work and achievements in
                                                              advancing the chemical sciences.

                     Professor Ben Davis has been elected     James Naismith received the Tilden Prize, Justin
                     Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences   Benesch the Norman Heatley Award, Veronique
                     for his work on the chemical understanding of   Gouverneur the Organic Stereochemistry Award,
                     biomolecular function, especially carbohydrates   Roel Dullens a Corday-Morgan Prize, and
                     and proteins.
                                                              Christopher Schofield the Interdisciplinary Award.
                                                              The SCG-Oxford Centre received the industry-
                                                              academia collaboration award for creating a unique and
                     Professor Philipp Kukura was  named
                     Blavatnik Chemistry Laureate for 2019. Professor   long-standing collaboration bringing benefits to chemical
                     Kukura’s work is revolutionising the way we   science.
                     visualise and study processes in nature. By
                     detecting and measuring the scattering of visible
                     light from single biomolecules, he can determine
                     their mass and thereby analyse their structure
                     and properties.

                     Professor Dame Carol Robinson
                     and Professor Hagan Bayley were          Professors Veronique Gouverneur and
                     recognised for their exceptional and outstanding   Hagan Bayley were awarded European Research
                     contributions to science in the Royal Society   Council (ERC) Advanced Grants for pioneering
                     awards.  Dame Carol received the Royal Medal   research projects. Funded through the EU
                     for her pioneering work on structural biology,   and worth up to €2.5 million each, they allow
                     improving the understanding of proteins, their   established top researchers to explore their most
                     interactions and functional regulation.  Hagan   creative ideas.  Veronique’s research will explore new
                     received the Mullard Award  for the invention   avenues in phase transfer catalysis, and Hagan is leading
                     of stochastic nanosensing, a generalized   research into remotely- controlled functional synthetic
                     sequencing method for biopolymers which has
                     delivered ultrarapid, distributable, wide-scale,   tissues for applications in medicine.
                     ‘long-read’ genome sequencing.

                                                              The Complete University Guide has
                     Professor Roel Dullens won the 2019      ranked the Department first in its latest league
                     McBain Medal for colloid and interface science.   table for Chemistry.  The independent guide
                     Roel’s research interests cover a wide range of   provides prospective students with information
                     topics in soft condensed matter.         on entry standards, student satisfaction, research
                                                              quality and graduate prospects.  Oxford
                                                              Chemistry scored highly on all measures to achieve top
                     Professor Stuart Conway began his
                     presidency of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s
                     Organic Division in July. Stuart’s election makes
                     it a hat-trick for Oxford Chemistry at the RSC,
                     as Professor Dame Carol Robinson is its current
                     President, and Professor Claire Vallance is
                     President of the Faraday Division.                                                         3
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